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Elevate your dining experience with a professional and talented personal chef/cook from Solitaire Consultancy Services. We are dedicated to providing the best service and matching you with a culinary expert who will cater to your every need.

Why Choose Us?

Expert Culinary Talent: We select only the most skilled and experienced chefs and cooks.

Personalized Match: We tailor our search to meet your specific tastes and dietary requirements.

Comprehensive Support: From the initial consultation to the final hire, we guide you through every step.

Our Personal Chefs/Cooks Specialize In:

🍽️ Custom meal planning and preparation

🌿 Dietary accommodations and special requests

🍷 Wine pairing and gourmet experiences

🏡 In-home cooking and private dining events

📅 Weekly meal prep and menu planning

🛒 Grocery shopping and pantry management

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Transform your home dining with exquisite meals crafted by a personal chef/cook. Reach out to Solitaire Consultancy Services and let us find you the perfect culinary professional to enhance your lifestyle.

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A Personal Chef is a trained professional from a culinary institution. A true Chef position within the private service environment is dedicated solely to the culinary needs of the home, preparing meals for the family, other household staff members and guests.

Education, Experience, Knowledge, Skills & Abilities

  • Many Chefs make a successful transition to “private service from fine restaurants while others may have developed their skills from years of cooking, in combination with another domestic position or assisting another Chef.
  • Personal Chefs should have a good understanding of various styles of table service, party protocols and the job duties of other household staff.
  • Personal Chefs maintain a record of family and guest preferences
  • A Personal Chef needs to have a temperament that is very flexible to last minute changes, special requests and the differing personalities of the family and friends being served
  • Personal Chefs possess a thorough knowledge of food safety, sanitation, and nutrition and have the work experience, education, business knowledge
  • Abilities to shop carefully for quality and to manage the kitchen for efficiency, cleanliness and cost effectiveness are valued by employers

Personal Chef’s Range of Responsibilities

  • A Personal Chef is responsible for menu planning and preparing nutritious meals suited to an individual’s or family’s personal preferences or special dietary needs
  • A Personal Chef also directs the organization and operation of the kitchen and the presentation and serving of the food
  • Chefs prepare a range of menus from simple family dinners to formal, five-star restaurant caliber meals
  • The position of a household Cook usually indicates a less formal position or one that requires a combination of responsibilities. Some variations in duties for a Chef or Cook are based on the schedule and eating habits of the family they serve. For example, one family may have only dinner as a sit-down meal while another may have three daily meals with formal service. Some families may require their Personal Chef to travel to their other residences